How To Select Best Keywords?

How To Select Best Keywords For Your Site

How To Select Best Keywords For Your Site? Choose well.

Deciding on how to select best keywords for your site is your focused quest of great importance to your online success! Choose your site’s main keywords only after a lot of study and research.   I made plenty of mistakes at first with my web sites and articles, choosing keywords and key phrases that were too generic or general.

That was around 1998 and I’ve learned the answers for sure. I am willing to share them now with you. Right out of the gun your key phrases should appear early in the title as well as being present in  the first and last sentences of the web page or article.

Try to keep your keyword density at about 2-4% ideally which works out to be about every 150-200 words. Use a tool to measure it.

How To Select Best Keywords For Your Site? Listen carefully ..

Keyword Modifiers are needed as well

Well I know of a clever brainstormer tool that would suit you down to the ground. It works with simple language concepts then expands them and reports on the supply and demand; i.e. the number of competing web pages (supply) and the number of searches (demand) for a specific keyword. That’s how you’ve got to look at it, where possible.

OK, what exactly are Keyword Modifiers?

Well they’re prefixes and suffixes like how to, best way to, tips to .. do something. Others are more personal, like, How Can I .. or How Do You .. do something. Place these just before your keyword ideas then rethink your marketing strategy a bit.

OK, fair enough. What are Buyer Keywords?

These are the buyer’s thinking implanted into your key phrases. For example: buy, purchase, best price on, discount __ , low cost, cheap hosting, etc. Place these before exact brand name items with model numbers. THESE can work like magic, because people are out there ready to buy!

Some folk used to generate thousands of mis-spelt keywords but misspellings are no longer needed. Why? Google and other search engines understand these words and ask you politely if you really meant the correct spelling! So don’t bother with those.

Build your keywords into articles and make sure your article is 100% unique.  Create videos and specially featured images with the buyer keyword in the description, alt tag and caption. Also, another little SEO tip is to make the HTML web page, the image or video file named the same as the keyword. For example: greenparrot.jpg.

Now, thinking like a marketer you can also set your meta description which you can use as a “Sales” message to increase clicks. Use your key-phrase as a “Call To Action” to click and end it with an ellipse like this…

Google now totally ignores meta tags like keywords and meta descriptions but you can get some benefit from them with other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing. How To Select Best Keywords For Your Site? Choose well, my friend. Only after much study and key phrase research! I’d recommend this ingenious brainstormer tool … just above.

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