How Can I Make Money On Facebook

How can I make money on facebook

How many people are there on facebook? 550 million or 750 million? Closer to the 750m. Some ask, how can I make money on facebook? Well – it is definitely happening and there are 2 main ways of making money there in social media.

  1. Fan Pages. Facebook will let you build an unlimited number of business fan pages. Here is the create page link. Most companies have jumped in and have a presence now on Facebook. You can use an iframe tag which is a method of display also used by to quickly display an image, a price and a product or service name. However, at fb the iframe can hold a small web page that you are also showing somewhere else, like on your own web domain. Again you ask me, how can I make money on facebook? Here is the ultimate key.. Get as many facebook ‘likes’ as possible to your fan page because that is your fb list-building effort. It is well worth spending hard earned money on advertising to attract thousands of people to your facebook fan page and its pictures, videos, subscription forms for opt-in, etc. You might have a direct offer on your page, (not recommended) but it’s best to get the subscriber joining your interest group first. Reward them. Entertain them before doing ‘business’ or you will be perceived the wrong way. Some marketers use the fan page to announce a free gift or a free informational webinar … or a series of ‘how-to’ videos as a lead in gift to the subscriber …
  2. Facebook Ads. The question, how can I make money on facebook is most easily answered by saying, go and place some picture ads like the ones you see down the right hand side of your facebook pages! Use a heart image with the words, “I love __ .”  Here’s the major advantage to using fb ads:  With facebook advertising, you can target people tightly. If they are interested in, say photography and are aged between 18 and 75 and live in The United States or Canada, for example, you can specify these demographics and interests and really target the people who are most likely to buy your item or service. It might be a Canon digital SLR camera. The more specific, the better, when selling on The Internet. With social media like Twitter or Facebook, it has been tested and proven that bringing people into groups and communities first, works better! Ask for a ‘like’ of your photographer’s fan page. Advertise on Facebook to bring thousands of people into your photography group. Then, you can send messages to them, announce webinars, give them niche related gifts and videos and finally, way down the track, make subtle and irresistible offers to them.
  3. Yes – it’s a different way of doing business in social media. I hope you provide astonishing value. Did this information help you answer the question,  How can I make money on Facebook?  I truly hope it did.   Geoff Dodd, Perth 6000, Western Australia.


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