How Can I Build A Website To Earn Money

how can I build a website to earn money

How can I build a website to earn money?

You’ve probably asked, how can I build a website to earn money? Well you’re in the right place because I’ve built more than 50 web sites now and after a lot of pains-taking trials and testing I understand exactly which site-building systems work best!

Analysis has shown me that 2 of my 50 sites way outperform the others and they were built with the same system. They get me more visitors, more interest and they both make more money than the other 48 plus websites. There is a science to it.

How can I build a website to earn money?

Best ways of building and monetizing web sites

Well there are a lot of steps you have to work carefully through. You MUST start with keyword research to discover which key phrases attract enough web traffic (visitors) but are not over-competed for! You see, competition is brutal and massive on The Internet. The system I used for success has a built-in brainstormer and keywords analysis feature. Google also offers a good External keywords research tool.

Next you need to collect and prepare some original content. Write as many unique, original articles with your own style that reflect your passion for the subject at hand. Don’t copy another writer’s work as Google will pick up on the duplication. This is very important. Be original. Your content does not have to be restricted to articles. Create some brief videos at or search for some highly keyword related videos on or or on another video sharing site. You did ask how can I build a website to earn money? One key answer is: Content is King. What do I mean by that? Well, people are attracted by the videos, pics, competitions, quizzes, gifts or services that you offer to them as your web site’s CONTENT. If you’re only offering articles then those seeking fun and entertainment won’t hang around very long. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You can learn to copy the html code to embed a video that you’ve especially liked at Try to make your content humorous and entertaining if you can.

Finally, the best ways of monetizing websites…¬† Dr Ken Evoy of Montreal showed me how you can get ‘finders fees’ with a real estate or local web site. Ken Evoy founded and owns the highly acclaimed Site Build It system that allowed me to create the 2 sites that I know are way out-performing my 48 plus others! Ken now has hundreds of successful case studies under his belt… people from all walks of life.

Monetizing a web site to earn more money and increase your daily cash flow can include Google Adsense, Commission Junction, Clickbank affiliate programs, your own e-Books, audio and video training products and much more. Just remember, the presentation and framing of your offer is very, very important. Get professional help with copy writing or swipe the ‘copy’ and creative images direct from your product owner or merchant. Affiliate program managers are there to help you with precisely these needs so contact them and form a lasting, trusting relationship.

Get started right now by visiting How can I build a website to earn money, using the best, optimized ways that I strongly recommend to you.

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