Google Adwords Ad Network Has Global Reach

Google Adwords Ad Network needs training

Get Training for Google Adwords Ad Network

Your best Ad Network by far is Google Adwords, because the precision of keyword targeting it allows you is outstanding. You should, however, invest early in full training because careful measurement of keyword performance and click tracking is critical.

Adwords is the largest PPC or pay per click network for Internet advertisers and it provides you with powerful tools to keep your eye on things like conversion to sales, cost per click and your return on investment. ROI is your mission, naturally.

Google Adwords Ad Network Has Global Reach & Precise Targeting

Ads Require Google Adwords Training

There are two major parts to the Google advertising system. These are the Search Network, with ads appearing on search engines results pages, and the Content Network, with your ads showing up on highly relevant web pages belonging to other web publishers. These people are operating the Google Adsense program where they receive a percentage of the amount charged per click. Don’t worry – it might sound confusing at first hearing but the systems are all 100% automated in their daily operation.

You do, as I said, need training in these advertising systems. For example, would you know where to get the lowest cost per click? It is more likely to be on the Content Network, using visual display ads rather than the original Google Adwords text ads. But – do you know why? Have millions of people started recognizing the text ads as commercial or sponsored links?

Training – How To Get Started

1. Search for a Google Adwords coupon that will give you some starting credit – often $50 to $75.00

2. Enter the system through that link or simply visit on the web to get in …

3. Select 2 or 3 key phrases to start with, using the External Tool which offers the best keyword research.

4. Once your Adwords account is approved, use the INTERNAL Keyword Tool because it supplies more results!

5. Search Google for each of your 2 or 3 key phrases. Study the words used, the ‘copy’ in the top few ranked ads.

6. With this copy in mind, create 2 – 4 ads per keyword. Create a new Ad Group for each keyword.

7. Test, compare results and track. Pause any poorly performing adverts.

8. Install conversion tracking code on your ‘thank you’ page or download page.


That’s it, in a nutshell. Keep observing, testing new copy and wording. Keep adapting.

I am now going to give you PPC Web Spy, a fabulous Google Adwords keyword research tool that works as a plugin for the Firefox Browser …

Use PPC Web Spy to uncover the Buying and Action-Taking intended keywords, very quickly! This FREE software places a ‘View Keywords’ button below Adwords ads on Google pages. TEST it out with Firefox.

Also make sure your website is 100% unique and Google compliant. Scroll to the very bottom of this blog theme page and look at the required legal statements, disclaimers and privacy policy, etc. You need to be contactable and responsible. You need tons of keyword relevant CONTENT on your page and linked-to from your web page. This is described as a landing page. Don’t skimp. Make it complete like this page.

Notice how a very strong “Call To Action” is always present in a top-performing Adwords text ad. Study display ads and you’ll find both simplicity plus a sophisticated trigger demanding or attracting a click-through. Pay per click search marketing works really well if you do it right with great ad copy plus a long, compliant landing page. This second aspect helps you achieve an acceptable quality score in Google’s (very smart) eyes.

Thanks for reading this far and I sincerely hope you can get some benefit from my training about PPC search engines. Find more tips and training here: Google Adwords Help to achieve a precisely targeted, yet completely Global Reach.


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